Christmas with Dignity

Christmas with Dignity Imagine this scenario: It’s Christmas Eve. A well meaning group of volunteers gather at the door of the home of a family in need. This group is so excited because they have chosen and wrapped each gift and even already labeled the gifts with the names of the children. They feel so … Continued

On a Mission – Destination: International

On a Mission – Destination: International     Recently, Hope Academy has been focusing globally as our 8th and 9th grade students facilitated our first school-wide International Festival. We are extremely proud of their hard work and are thankful for parents and teachers who presented their native countries or countries with which they have a … Continued

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3   Learning at HOPE Academy has always been more than meets the eye. Core virtues are woven through different subjects and tied together with similar themes based on what each grade is studying. Throughout grades you can also see some similar topics of study and occasionally … Continued

The LOVE Challenge

The LOVE Challenge In the month of February we often reflect on love and what it means to love. As Christians we take this time to consider what it means to be loved by God and to love Him. Today’s post was written by author of Clay Jar Cracked and HOPE mom Cortney Donelson. Read along … Continued

What We Learned Wednesday – Perserverance

What We Learned Wednesday – Perserverance Today’s blog post comes from Mrs. Charleszetta Ford who is the current Physical Education teacher at HOPE Academy. In class Mrs. Ford focuses on health and well being both physically and mentally, but also spiritually. She makes it a point to teach each of her students the importance of … Continued

A Legacy of Perseverance – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A Legacy of Perseverance – Martin Luther King Jr. Day As HOPE Academy focuses on this unit’s virtue of perseverance, it’s very appropriate that we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If we were to celebrate a person whose life spoke to the heart of perseverance Martin Luther King Jr. would certainly be an honorable … Continued

Unit 3 Virtue: Perseverance

Before we speak about perseverance let me first introduce you to HOPE Academy’s new Worship Coordinator, Hope Oliphant. Hope has been feature on the blog before in our Faithful Friday section. She is a HOPE mom who has previously served as a youth minister for over 10 years. Each unit HOPE families study a virtue … Continued

HOPE Virtue – Light of the World

Light of the World – Courtney Elliott   Since God called us to start HOPE Academy in the spring of 2011 the lyrics of the Phil Wickham song, “In Your City” have marked my mind with an image of a city high on a hill with brilliant rays of light penetrating like spears through the darkness. The … Continued