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HOPE Academy is a vision God impressed on the hearts of two moms in the spring of 2011. Since that time, HOPE has continued to grow as a Christ-centered community of families desiring to invest in their children in an uncommon way. HOPE’s unique schedule provides more time for families to be together. HOPE’s research-based, school-designed curriculum fosters a love for authentic learning in students from K through 10th grade. HOPE will add 11th in 2017 and 12th grade in 2018.

We desire to partner with you to raise up the greatest men and women of their generation for Christ, who can engage with the world on its terms and transform it through the Holy Spirit. God has entrusted us with a clear vision and mission to partner with parents as the most influential people in their children’s lives. Together we are developing thinkers, problem solvers, and world changers!