HOPE Academy’s Middle School academic program is designed to develop student’s critical thinking and problem solving skills through integrated, multidisciplinary studies that utilize inquiry and project based learning. Middle School courses are taught by subject area experts that engage students in collaborative learning experiences and develop important communication, time management and organizational skills in preparation for the high school years.

HOPE’s middle school team helps students navigate the unique and often challenging social and developmental dynamics that accompany adolescents through Biblically based conflict resolution, open communication and intentionality. Students participate in several meaningful programs such as virtue based unit and Biblical studies, Advisory, and leadership opportunities in the school’s Praise and Worship Band.


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Middle School Grading System

Students entering 6th grade and higher transition from the K-5th Standards Based Developmental Report Card to a traditional grading system. The traditional ten point grading scale is used to assess students understanding of content. Number grades are reflected through assignments, projects, and assessments that reflect the student’s’ cumulative content understanding.

Middle School students receive letter/number grades for core subjects (English, Math, Science, and History). They receive a mark of (S) Satisfactory or (U) Unsatisfactory based on student participation in elective classes such as Culinary Arts, Music, Theater, etc..