Tuition Assistance

Affording the HOPE Academy Experience


We desire HOPE Academy to be financially possible for all families who want to partner in mission together. Families interested in receiving tuition assistance should first apply with NCSEAA for the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship, if eligible (see below). Families may additionally apply for HOPE Academy Tuition Assistance by applying through FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. 


The NC Opportunity Scholarship is a need-based K-12 lottery program. All families who previously received the NC Opportunity Scholarship and are applying for HOPE Academy’s Tuition Assistance are required to also apply for this scholarship. For more details on eligibility please see the attached document which is the latest Eligibility Requirements from NCSEAA. Please note that NCSEAA  is a separate application from the HOPE FACTS Grant & Aid application. 

If a HOPE award is made and the Opportunity Scholarship is later granted, HOPE’s tuition assistance award will become invalid for that student. To learn more information about the NC Opportunity Scholarship as well as to apply:  NCSEAA Scholarship. It is assumed that families who are current recipients are reapplying for the scholarship and continuing enrollment at HOPE Academy unless otherwise communicated. The Reenrollment Deposit will be deferred when HOPE Academy receives a forwarded email confirming a family’s application to the NCSEAA by Wednesday,  February 1st.  The email may be sent to

HOPE Academy Tuition Assistance

HOPE utilizes a third-party vendor, FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment, to determine eligibility for tuition assistance. Families reapply annually and submit detailed financial information, including a copy of their most recent (2022) tax return to FACTS. The Tuition Assistance Committee reviews all recommendations from FACTS. Tuition Assistance awards are communicated at the beginning of April.

  • Apply or reapply for HOPE Tuition Assistance by Wednesday, February 1.
  • The application for tuition assistance can be found HERE.
  • A $35 application fee is assessed through FACTS.
  • HOPE Tuition Assistance recipients receive the benefit of distributing the  Enrollment fee and the Resource fee across their monthly payment plan.  
  • Tuition assistance awards do not exceed 50% of the total tuition.
  • All families who are applying for tuition assistance from HOPE Academy must also apply for the NC Opportunity Scholarship, if eligible.