Christmas with Dignity

Christmas with Dignity Imagine this scenario: It’s Christmas Eve. A well meaning group of volunteers gather at the door of the home of a family in need. This group is so excited because they have chosen and wrapped each gift and even already labeled the gifts with the names of the children. They feel so … Continued

Tips for Spending Time with God as a Student

As a student have you ever asked yourself how you can devote private time each day to reflect on your faith and how it applies to life?   I started my routine back in 2013 because, as a Christian, I believe that spending time with God is the most important part of the day and … Continued

Book Sale Benefit Success

Book Sale Benefit Success   HOPE Academy has been known to have some pretty great guest speakers and last month’s second grade visitor was no different. As the students studied senses this unit they focused on story of Helen Keller and how people can overcome challenges. Their class was honored to host Patrick Vellia, a … Continued

Little Lambs Orphanage Update

Little Lambs Orphanage Update   Hallelujah, praise God!!! We have a great answer to prayer. If you remember in our On a Mission – Destination: International blog post we asked you to be praying for the Christian orphanage in India called Little Lambs. Their current landlord was requiring them to move out of their facility on May … Continued

On a Mission – Destination: International

On a Mission – Destination: International     Recently, Hope Academy has been focusing globally as our 8th and 9th grade students facilitated our first school-wide International Festival. We are extremely proud of their hard work and are thankful for parents and teachers who presented their native countries or countries with which they have a … Continued

God is on the Move – Go and Share

God is on the Move – Go and Share   Today’s blog post comes from the heart of Adriana Bain who, in addition to being a HOPE mom to 3 children (6th grade, 4th grade, and 1st grade), is a blessing to HOPE Academy’s praise and worship team, as the Worship Assistant.       … Continued


Touché Today’s blog post comes from Brian Bain, HOPE Dad and member of the Men of HOPE mornings. If you’ve been wondering what the Men of HOPE meetings look like, Brian shares with us today his experience with current studies and what he’s learning from this community of men.       For the past four … Continued

Faithful Friday – Faithful in the Small Things

Faithful Friday – Faithful in the Small Things Welcome to this week’s Faithful Friday. God is so good to us and we want to share the stories that will inspire you to remember moments when God has been faithful in your life. Today’s post comes from Susan Ballew who is a wife, mother of 3 HOPE … Continued

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3   Learning at HOPE Academy has always been more than meets the eye. Core virtues are woven through different subjects and tied together with similar themes based on what each grade is studying. Throughout grades you can also see some similar topics of study and occasionally … Continued