Tips for Spending Time with God as a Student

As a student have you ever asked yourself how you can devote private time each day to reflect on your faith and how it applies to life?


I started my routine back in 2013 because, as a Christian, I believe that spending time with God is the most important part of the day and I felt it was important to develop a routine to ensure that I always got it in.

Usually my time with God happens right after I get home from school and right after I get up in the morning on non-school days. Sometimes it will change if there is something going on, but it is always the first thing I do on my own time each day. My Bible study will consist of some reading out of my Bible, prayer time, and then music.

The first part of my time with God is reading my Bible.


I originally started reading one chapter per day then, in the Fall of 2015, I moved to a few passages a day in order to take time to start analyzing and taking in what I am reading. This allows my Bible study time to become more meaningful by making sure I understand what I am reading.

My second part is my prayer time.


This consists of both praises, as well as any prayer requests that I might have. I always make a point during my prayer to thank God for all the wonderful things He does for us. I also will always ask for His continued protection over the ones who seek and love Him. I also pray for the ones who need to find His guidance in their lives. Once my prayer is over, I will sit quietly for a few minutes in my Bible study room and just listen to see if God has anything to tell me. Sometimes He will and sometimes He won’t.



An example of this is in the case of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s and before she went to live in a memory care facility, I noticed she would always walk to the mailbox and look disappointed that there was nothing in there for her. This made me feel sad but I didn’t know what I could do to help her then one day the idea came to me that I could write her a note even if she couldn’t read it so I put the note I had written in the mailbox for her to find. The smile on her face when she went to the mailbox and found that piece of paper in it made my heart smile and I know that was an inspiration from God because I wouldn’t think of writing a note to my grandmother when I know she would not be able to read it.

I also focus on honoring God with worship.


On certain days, I also include several songs of worship during my Bible study. Worship days are usually on Sundays in honor of God’s Holy Sabbath Day. During the Christmas season, worship days are every day in honor of the celebration of Jesus birthday. During worship, I will turn on my worship CD, sit on my bed, and sing along to songs such as, “The Little Drummer Boy” which talks about giving your best gift to the Lord because He gave us the best gift He could given in His Son.

My favorite artist to listen to during my Bible study worship is Brian M Howard. One song that I sing is “I Just Wanna Be A Sheep”, which talks about being a child of God. Another of my favorites is a song that thanks God for all the wonderful things he does and also talks about how God gets praised for those things. Brian M Howard does another song which I use a lot called “If I were a Butterfly” which thanks God for making us unique in our own ways.

I would encourage everyone to make sure you are spending a little bit of time with God each day. Your routine may not be the same as mine, and that’s OK. Some might want to commune with God’s nature outdoors in a garden while listening to an online sermon by a favorite pastor or even listen to an audio Bible version on their iPod. Bible commentaries are also a good form of delving into God’s word more to understand the scriptures. One can pray to God while driving their car and listening to songs that uplift the name of God. The time spent with Him is a time of refreshing one’s soul to be the best you that you can possibly be.

What’s your favorite way to spend time with God? Leave a comment below.


Author TJ Burns is a high school student at HOPE Academy. He loves God and is a huge fan of elevators. In his free time TJ enjoys filming his elevator trips and has filmed over 2,000 videos. 

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    Thank you TJ! I love how you mention that your time with God is “the first thing I do on my own time”. As busy people we often say we don’t have time to do a regular quiet time with God. But we all have SOME time to ourselves. 5 minutes, 30 minutes, hours. But we don’t all spend those first minutes of OUR time with God. Making a decision to spend our own time with God is such a great challenge. I am beginning to think that’s what God is talking about when He says to give Him our first fruits.

    Thank you for takking the time to write this and sharing about your favourite songs. I liked the one called I wanna be a Sheep, and this made me happy. God bless!

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