Welcome to HOPE Academy!

We believe all students are innately wired with curiosity, a joy of adventure and a love for learning. Unfortunately, at some point, education became about fitting topics into boxes, people into rows, and knowledge into bubble sheets. When you think about your most transformative learning experience, I have a feeling the only box in your memory is the one you made into a fort, a glorious fort that you spent hours designing and cutting, until at last your creation was complete. Then you were off to the next adventure.

We are a K-12 University-Model School partnering with families in the adventure of a lifetime! We are about inspiring innovation, creativity, critical thinking and most of all, a personal relationship with Jesus. Our students are collaborating and exploring real world topics that interconnect, cross disciplines, and certainly don’t fit into boxes. They design, construct, and inspire using various platforms and modalities through project-based learning. Our process of learning can be messy and sometimes loud, yet it creates quiet introspection and produces work for public audiences and experts. Our learning reflects personal growth and focus on depth over the breadth of subject matter. This kind of learning and partnership, spurred on by a passion for Jesus, is transforming families and students!

Young children are joyfully nurtured and our soon to be graduates are prepared for life beyond high school and even college. Entering our tenth year, we celebrate all that God is doing at HOPE Academy! I am so thankful that He has authored a school where parents are primary, learning reflects our innate design, and that we as a school community authentically and transparently live out our faith. We walk with our students as they question, explore, and develop personal relationships with the One who gave it all!

I am eager to meet you and for you to experience first-hand the good work of the Lord at HOPE Academy! School decisions can be overwhelming. I encourage you to pursue the Lord about what He has for your children and your family. That is exactly what my husband, Paul, and l did almost 11 years ago. I would never have imagined God’s response would be a school like HOPE Academy!

I look forward to seeing you soon,

Head of School

At HOPE Academy we believe in the value of Christian education from Kindergarten through graduation but don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our upper school students about their experience: