Christmas with Dignity

Christmas with Dignity Imagine this scenario: It’s Christmas Eve. A well meaning group of volunteers gather at the door of the home of a family in need. This group is so excited because they have chosen and wrapped each gift and even already labeled the gifts with the names of the children. They feel so … Continued

On a Mission – Destination: International

On a Mission – Destination: International     Recently, Hope Academy has been focusing globally as our 8th and 9th grade students facilitated our first school-wide International Festival. We are extremely proud of their hard work and are thankful for parents and teachers who presented their native countries or countries with which they have a … Continued

What is the Purpose of Servanthood?

Some of you have made your family resolutions that may include spending more time together, or eating healthier. One resolution you also may have made was to volunteer more in 2016. But what is the purpose of serving others? Is it to help others who are in tough circumstances, follow God’s desires for us, help … Continued

Mentor Monday – HOPE Academy’s Mentoring Program

  Being a parent is tough, so many choices to be made on behalf of your child hoping you make the “right” ones. Add in anything else, being a Christ-follower, deciding which school is best for your child, anything, and life gets a bit more complicated. Choices aren’t always easy, but often times they can … Continued