Elementary School


Elementary Girls Laughing

Our elementary school is comprised of students in Kindergarten through 5th Grade.


  • 10:1 student-teacher ratio
  • Differentiated reading and math groups
  • Praise and Worship each on-campus day
  • Enrichment classes (Art, Library, Music, SEM, Physical Education, Theatre)

At HOPE Academy, students learn through inquiry and hands-on exploration. Students work in pairs and small groups to solve problems and practice new strategies.


Project-Based Learning is an important aspect of our academic program. Through project-based learning, students are able to apply both their studies of Biblical virtue and academics to real life situations.


Projects at HOPE develop critical thinkers and problem solvers with an outward focus. Through the University- Model®, parents and students work together to further explore these ideas at home.

As a University-Model® school, teachers communicate with parents through a weekly newsletter and detailed lesson plans. Lesson plans are sent home weekly to help parents as they guide their students to review and apply concepts they have learned in class. Teachers are available to parents through email communication for additional support on homestudy days.

Teachers also partner and connect with parents through parent-teacher conferences, coffee and curriculum meetings, weekly in-person interactions, and culminating events.

Students move through elementary school, developing a greater sense of responsibility and independence. The role of parents transition from co-teacher to more of a transitional co-teacher as students develop academic independence.


HOPE provides a standards based report of student progress two times per year for all elementary students. This report includes information regarding content mastery and academic development  based on grade level goals. Students are measured on the following scale: Emergent, Developing, and Proficient.