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Generosity – by Anne Roe

One of the first times I remember benefiting from someone else’s generosity was not long after our then 2-year-old Eli, was diagnosed with cancer. We spent 6-8 hour days at the children’s hospital while Eli received chemo and would return to the most delicious meals delivered to a cooler on our porch. We were so grateful! 

I remember one day getting a note with the best homemade chicken pot pie that read something like, “We’ve been cooking for you once a month, but just figured out how to get two meals a month into our budget and are so thankful to be a small help to your family.” This family wasn’t serving us out of abundance. They were serving us sacrificially, all while managing their own young family budget and toddlers scurrying around the house.

Grow HOPE is an opportunity to be generous in a way that is meaningful to your family. It may look like a two-meal budget or it may look like a number with many zeros after a significant career opportunity. No matter what the gift looks like, we want you to be inspired to give to the good work the Lord is doing at HOPE, knowing that HOPE will honor your gifts with excellent stewardship to benefit current students and generations of students to come. 

Our family has seen how this generosity has transformed HOPE Academy and our family firsthand. In 2011, our oldest son Henry, a first-grader, was one of HOPE’s first 30 students. In his senior year, we saw him explore Guatemala during a cultural exchange program that would not have been possible without the generosity of others. 

Will you join our family in giving a gift to Grow HOPE that is meaningful to you? We would be so grateful. And if you need some creative ways to give, see some tips from HOPE families below.

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