What is a Virtue Based School

Not many schools would describe themselves as virtue-centered schools. There are thousands of Christian schools, but what does it mean to be a “Christian school” this day in age? Really the definition varies. Defining what makes a school a Christian school could be anything from having prayer in school, Bible class or Bible study, defining … Continued

A Day in the Life of a High Schooler – Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Today we are excited to share with you the first blog post in our newest series, “A Day in the Life….of a High Schooler”. High School freshman Elise Haviland shares with us her experiences as a High Schooler and student at HOPE Academy.       It’s quite difficult to step outside your … Continued

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3   Learning at HOPE Academy has always been more than meets the eye. Core virtues are woven through different subjects and tied together with similar themes based on what each grade is studying. Throughout grades you can also see some similar topics of study and occasionally … Continued

Announcing HOPE Academy’s 2016 Open House Schedule

Announcing HOPE Academy’s 2016 Open House Schedule With the New Year upon us we often start to think about what the year will hold and for some of us what school we will be enrolling our children in for the 2016-2017 school year. For parents with children just starting school it’s important to start the … Continued

Mentor Monday – HOPE Academy’s Mentoring Program

  Being a parent is tough, so many choices to be made on behalf of your child hoping you make the “right” ones. Add in anything else, being a Christ-follower, deciding which school is best for your child, anything, and life gets a bit more complicated. Choices aren’t always easy, but often times they can … Continued

What We Learn Wednesday – Learning Your Child’s Personality

  It’s evident that God has made every single person, each child unique including those growing up under the same roof. Understanding exactly how different we are, the ways we think, differences in learning, and even the ways one truly feels loved can be an incredible revelation. Learning about your child’s personality can unlock a … Continued

Teach Me Tuesday – Homeschool Tips

Whether you’re at a University Model School like HOPE Academy and homeschooling part-time, homeschooling full-time, or supplementing your child’s work for full-day 5 day schooling, tips for teaching always come in handy. This week’s Teach Me Tuesday is our very first post of this series. In “Teach Me Tuesday” posts we’ll be sharing advice directly … Continued

Culminating Event – Unit 1

If you’ve never experienced a HOPE Academy culminating event, it’s an amazing time for the HOPE community to see how hard both teachers and students have worked throughout each unit. Every culminating event is very special and this unit’s culminating event was no different. During this event, elementary classes proudly displayed and presented projects they … Continued

Upcoming School Events – November

  Here are upcoming events for HOPE Academy, mark your calendars and be sure to check your emails from the HOPE Academy office for more details as these dates approach.     Monday, November 2nd After School Clubs for those currently enrolled in a Fall Club/Activity Tuesday, November 3rd Spirit Day –  Students can wear HOPE t-shirts and … Continued