Tips for At-Home Learning or Newly Homeschooling Families

With the recent school closures due to social distancing strategies several families are now finding themselves in the shoes of homeschoolers. Luckily school districts are preparing plans for families to carry out throughout the school day for at-home learning. For many families this is a new way of schooling. At HOPE Academy our students have a mix between in-school learning and at-home learning or homeschooling with curriculum and plans provided to parents.

In an effort to try to come alongside parents who may not feel comfortable going from 5-day school to schooling at home, some of our families have provided some practical tips, in order to help things run smoothly.

Susan S. – Elementary/middle school mom and Yearbook/Digital Portfolio teacher says:

If I had to guide my children in online learning for a time when they had been used to only instruction from someone else I would:

  • Set rules around TV and electronic use before and in the midst of school.
  • Set a start time and make everyone aware (it can be 10 am, but it needs to be clearly stated. Starting at 2 pm or when u randomly get laundry folded can make things hard on children, particularly certain personalities.
  • Schedule breaks…everyone needs them.
  • Have a conversation before you begin that says, “No, I’m not your classroom teacher, but I want to help u the best that I can, so let’s have respect for one another in this new situation.”

Courtney S. – Elementary mom with 4 students at HOPE says:

  • Have a plan but be flexible.
  • We earn breaks for each subject and the length of break is determined by subject- breaks can be playing outside, having a snack, completing a chore, anything not involving a screen because we do not do screens until after school and chores are finished.
  • When you or kiddo get overwhelmed go ahead and take a beat to refocus- sometimes mom needs the break more than the kiddo especially if you have multiple kids and are generally working with one while one takes a break.

Zoe R. – High school student says:

  • Have a quiet space you can work without too many interruptions.
  • Vary your subject order, don’t write two papers in a row in one sitting, do some math in between.
  • Take a break every hour or so and move around for 15 minutes (you can even just do chores in this time, or take a quick dog walk).
  • Stay somewhat organized, this looks different for everyone. Just don’t do your work and then lose it.

Angela T. – Mom to elementary students says:

  • Absolutely no screens before school is completed.
  • Offer a quiet play activity close by the schooling area. This is helpful for breaks or if you need time to work with one particular kid, but you don’t want to ‘lose’ the other/s.
  • Give your kids a list of tasks to be completed that they can check off on their own.
  • We always have a snack once everyone competes their Math (completing math for the day is a victory).

Jenn B. – Mom to elementary and middle school students and Communications & Marketing Coordinator says:

  • Grace
  • Grace for your children
  • Grace for yourself
  • More Grace
  • Gracity Grace-Grace-Grace
  • Seriously, the biggest gift we can give each other and ourselves right now is the gift of grace, when things get tough or we lose our patience, when it seems like we’re messing up, when things get real – GRACE. God has uniquely created you to be the best parent for your child, please don’t forget that.

It is our goal not to create panic or fear, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7 but to come alongside families in an effort to help make this transition a bit smoother. We pray that we have done so.

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer. If you have any additional tips for families please also feel free to comment below.

Thank you and we pray that God will continue to be glorified even through this time of uncertainty.

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    Do what you can and don’t fret the rest. You know your family. You know your natural bent. What works for one does not work for all. This is your chance to flow in your family’s natural rhythm. Ask questions. Follow interests. Give grace. Breathe.

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