Spiritual Development


As an educational institution, HOPE Academy values an academic program that cultivates critical analysis and solutions-oriented thinking through a Biblical worldview. It is our mission that all aspects of our educational program help foster students love for learning more about the nature of God through the study of Biblical virtues.

HOPE Academy partners with parents to raise up the greatest men and women of their generation and generations to come for Christ. Our prayer is that in this unique, Christ-centered model, that students will become mature and equipped in their faith through the Holy Spirit, and transform this world for the greater good.

Our deepest desire is for our students to know and love God. We want them to live their lives according to who He says they are: beloved, forgiven, free, adopted into God’s family, co-heirs and co-laborers with Christ, set-apart, wonderfully made. He declares us righteous. He says we are never alone, we hold a secure future with a guaranteed victory. Our identity is not found in anything we can do or have done, but rather it is bound to what God has done for us through His son Jesus Christ.


Elementary students gather two mornings a week for a time of worship and teaching. During this time, students lead singing and dancing, and learn more about the unit’s Biblical virtue through story-telling.

Middle and high school students gather weekly and connect with one another playing community-building games, participating in student-led worship and learning and discussing the unit’s Biblical virtue.


Spiritual development is integrated through quarterly unit studies. During unit studies, students take a deep dive into learning concepts, connecting ideas, and solving relevant problems all filtered through the lens of the Bible and Biblical virtue.