A Legacy of Perseverance – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

A Legacy of Perseverance – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

As HOPE Academy focuses on this unit’s virtue of perseverance, it’s very appropriate that we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day. If we were to celebrate a person whose life spoke to the heart of perseverance Martin Luther King Jr. would certainly be an honorable choice.

Through his life MLK faced hardship, he pushed through obstacles and persevered by faith. He sought after the will of God as he was threatened by the will of man. In the best way to honor his life, let us too, seek after the will of God, looking to our faith to guide us through the trials and tribulations that may come our way.


MLK Faith


God created men and women like Dr. King not for us to worship, rather to point us back to Him and in so many ways Dr. King did just that. God has given us the gift of insight by those he sent before us, let us remember to celebrate their works.


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!!!  We pray that you will use this day to reflect on how you can persevere in your life during your current struggles or pray for those who need to take that first step towards faith.

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