Hope Academy Students Doing Experiment


HOPE Academy’s educational philosophy has been influenced by educational research and  professional classroom experience.  Most significantly, 2 Peter 1:5-10, “to add first to your faith virtue and then knowledge,” has had the greatest influence on our approach regarding both the academic and spiritual development of our students. Our goal is to foster a desire for learning and cultivate the unique gifts and strengths of every child.

Our academic program can be characterized as:

  • Project-Based
  • Inquiry-Oriented
  • Collaborative
  • Integrated
  • Differentiated

Students at HOPE Academy are most often seen working in small groups or pairs, engaged in hands-on application of what they have learned, or engaging in a process of investigation to explore an idea more deeply.

The accessibility of information and the ability to learn new content has never been greater. As educators our obligation, in partnership with parents,  is to teach students how to learn, engage with others in a meaningful way, persevere through difficulty, and transform ideas into tangible influence.

To achieve these things students cannot be passive receivers but must be active doers as they collaborate and engage people, resources, content, and skills in meaningful and transferable ways.