HOPE Academy’s  high school program is designed to help the next generation of students identify and cultivate their God-given gifts so they can be launched into the world as mature, equipped Christ followers, engaging the world on its terms and transforming it through the Holy Spirit.

The University-Model schedule allows students to engage more personally and meaningfully in rich academic studies and unique personal interests. Students are able to participate in extracurricular activities, community athletic programs, employment, internships, and local ministry. These opportunities allow University-Model students to not only identify their gifts but cultivate them, along with developing the important attributes of time management, organization and professionalism.

HOPE Academy graduates are college prepared, character witnesses for Christ. They have clarity of purpose and vision for an epic life. Author John Eldridge said, “the greatest tragedy is not recognizing the significance of our role.” HOPE students are launched into this world ready, knowing God created them with purpose and it is good. HOPE Academy graduated its first class in May 2019.

High School Profile

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High School Grading System

Students entering 9th grade and higher earn grades according the traditional ten point grading scale. Number grades are earned through assignments, projects, and assessments that reflect the student’s’ cumulative content understanding. All high school courses, both core and electives,  receive formal grades. Students earn an additional .5 quality point towards their GPA for Honors courses and an additional 1 quality point towards their GPA for each Advanced Placement course they enroll.


HOPE’s High School Advising Program partners with students and their families to ignite passions, cultivate gifts, and develop a vision for life beyond high school and college.

Students begin meeting with the High School Advisor during 8th grade and each subsequent year of high school. The High School Advisor helps students identify their individual gifts and strengths as well as careers that may interest them through personality and career assessment testing. Each student develops a personal resume highlighting extracurricular activities such as school clubs and community service, leadership roles, honors and awards, and employment. The Advisor coaches students to explore opportunities such as extracurricular activities, contests, and leadership roles to further promote their interests and strengths.

Students begin college planning through annual campus tours, developing a resume, meeting regularly with the college advisor to receive support through the process of applying for colleges and scholarships.

In addition to regular individual advising meetings, students also participate in workshops related to study skills, test prep, and team building.