What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3

What We Learned Wednesday – Classroom Concepts Unit 3


Learning at HOPE Academy has always been more than meets the eye.

Core virtues are woven through different subjects and tied together with similar themes based on what each grade is studying. Throughout grades you can also see some similar topics of study and occasionally siblings can share what they are learning with each other during homestudy.




As you may remember this unit the school as a whole is focusing on the virtue of perseverance.

Each teacher looks at the following guiding questions using the lens of their grade level to determine how deep they go with the message and the difficulty level of the lesson, keeping in mind the age and maturity of their students.


-How their unit of study demonstrates perseverance?
-How to persevere through hardships?
-How to find, use and rely on faith in the midst of a challenge?
-What does perseverance look like?
-What does it look like when we do not persevere?


You will also notice that the studies for each grade also answers the question – How do people’s individual accomplishments impact society through social, economic and technological advancements?


WWLW - Classroom Concepts


Here’s a glimpse of some of the concepts that HOPE students will be learning this unit.

Kindergarten: How God has Gifted Us – Students participated in a talent show where they explained the talent God had given them and how they had to use perseverance to achieve their talent. Kindergartners are also studying inventors and their inventions and how perseverance plays a role in the invention process. During this unit they also get to study transportation, ending their study with a field trip.

First Grade: How Do We See the World? – Students will study perspective in reading using the novel “Ivan the One and Only”, and also identify their own unique perspective, allowing them to understand differing perspectives. On that same thread, first graders will study parts of the human eye and how they differ from animal eyes. Similar to other grades, they too will learn about various artists and inventors focusing on how they use perspective to design.

Second Grade: How Inventors Change the World? – Students will study inventors and their inventions specifically from the Industrial Revolution time period. As they study Henry Ford and his inventions they will learn how the Model T impacted society both positively and negatively. Second graders will have the opportunity to design their own unique inventions for the Invention Convention.

Third Grade: Exploring Creation through Astronomy – Students will explore space as they take a look at early astronomers who researched space and in the face of much resistance had to persevere with their ideas. The class will also learn about modern space exploration, astronauts and space technology. Third graders will end this unit with a blast, literally when they design and launch water rockets.

Fourth/Fifth Grade: – In this combined class, students will study the Thirteen Colonies, and the hardships people endured during the American Revolution. By learning about the hardships students will also discover the perseverance that was needed to overcome challenges. Fourth and Fifth graders are also researching body systems focusing on a specific organ and a disease. Planned guest speakers and a field trip will give deeper understanding of the concepts these students are learning.


As you can see the question of How do people’s individual accomplishments impact society through social, economic and technological advancements? And the common theme of perseverance are integral parts of the learning that is currently going on at HOPE Academy right now.

The virtue of perseverance as we have learned both from history as well as our own lives is an important life skill to have. That virtue, coupled with our Christian faith and hands-on learning from teachers and co-teachers (parents) are just a few things that make HOPE an extraordinary environment for students and families alike.


If you are not a current HOPE Academy family and would like to learn more about our school we encourage you to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses. For more details and registration head HERE.

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