Fun Fact Friday – Snow

Fun Fact Friday – Snow Some parts of our country have seen very little if any snow this winter, while other areas are surrounded by feet of snow. Whether you’re a fan of the white stuff or not, here are some fun facts, activities, and crafts that all have one thing in common – snow. … Continued

What We Learn Wednesday – Learning Your Child’s Personality

  It’s evident that God has made every single person, each child unique including those growing up under the same roof. Understanding exactly how different we are, the ways we think, differences in learning, and even the ways one truly feels loved can be an incredible revelation. Learning about your child’s personality can unlock a … Continued

Teach Me Tuesday – Homeschool Tips

Whether you’re at a University Model School like HOPE Academy and homeschooling part-time, homeschooling full-time, or supplementing your child’s work for full-day 5 day schooling, tips for teaching always come in handy. This week’s Teach Me Tuesday is our very first post of this series. In “Teach Me Tuesday” posts we’ll be sharing advice directly … Continued