Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story – Episode #4

We missed you during our Spring Break but we are excited that today we continue our 6th Grade Podcast Series – Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story. We hope that you follow along each Tuesday as our students explore what kind of power and purpose stories hold.

Episode 4: The Passover
Storytellers: Felicia Kempter, Josephine Tarasovitch, Matthew Sang, Gracie Hinson, Mia Bain, Amelia Miller, and Lydia Johnson.

Description: In today’s episode of Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story, we join the Israelites as they wait for Pharaoh’s answer. After nine plagues, one would think that this stubborn man would have to give in. But then the worst plague of all is promised and no one is exempt. Will Pharaoh repent in time?

Listen to Episode #4 HERE:

Listen Here

Tune in to our final episode next Tuesday – Episode 5: Parting of the Red Sea and the Israelites in the Desert with storytellers: Stone, Vikram, Dillon, and Emma.

If you are newly joining us please feel free to check out our Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story Introduction that explains the project and more details.

Thank you for listening and be sure to tune in next Tuesday!

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