Bit-Bytes: The Story of Exodus – Episode #5

Welcome to our final post in our 6th Grade Podcast Series – Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story. We hope that you have enjoyed following along each Tuesday as our students explore what kind of power and purpose stories hold. If you missed an episode or want to listen again we encourage you to check out previous weeks or listen to our HOPE for Tomorrow Podcast as well.

Episode 5: Parting of the Red Sea and the Israelites in the Desert
Storytellers: Stone MacPhee, Vikram Thakral, Dillon Worsley and Emma Dunn.

Description: In today’s episode of Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story, we join the Israelites as they are finally leaving Egypt. This is cause to celebrate! However, at the last moment, Pharaoh changes his mind and sends his army after them. With the Egyptian army at their heels and the Red Sea blocking their way, can the Israelites trust God to rescue them once again?

Listen to Episode #5 HERE:

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If you are newly joining us please feel free to check out our Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story Introduction that explains the project and more details.

Thank you for listening and be sure to check out other post on our blog!

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