Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story Podcast – Episode #2

Welcome to another exciting episode of our 6th Grade Podcast – Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story. We hope that you follow along each Tuesday as our students explore what kind of power and purpose stories hold.

Episode 2: The Plagues Part 1
Storytellers: Zeke Shelton, Elena Harris, Grace Whittington, Abby Galphin and Tucker McAteer.

Description: In today’s episode of Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story we follow Moses and Aaron as they come before the mighty Pharaoh with a message from the one true God, “Let My people go.” Pharaoh may scoff at such a message, but when plague after plague harms all of Egypt, will he give in and let the Israelite slaves go.

Listen to Episode #2 HERE:

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Tune in next Tuesday for Episode 3: The Plagues Part 2
With your Storytellers: Kelly Anne, Elliana, Kara and Leah.

If you are newly joining us please feel free to check out our Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story Introduction that explains the project and more details.

Thank you for listening and be sure to tune in next Tuesday!

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