Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story Introduction

Thank you for tuning in! Our 6th grade class was tasked with the following essential question: What kind of power and purpose do stories hold.

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In groups of two or three, students will dive into answering the essential question in English Language Arts (ELA), History, Life Sciences, and Project-Based Learning (PBL) class. Assuming the role of digital media specialists, they will engage in research on social or environmental issues to prepare a call to action. By writing scripts and producing podcast episodes that use persuasive techniques, students will inevitably enact change. The ELA class will be trained in basic speech preparation and effective speech delivery through IEW’s Speech Bootcamp, while History and Life Sciences will focus on past and current social/environmental matters. Furthermore, PBL will offer class time for collaboration.

Picture of microphone with sign that says Podcast. Also says Tune in Tuesdays

Check back on the HOPE Academy blog starting this Tuesday and each Tuesday for the next few weeks to hear our 6th grade student podcast.

Episode 1: Slavery and the Burning Bush
Storytellers: Ella Grace Riley, Sam Flippin, Brilee Dandeneau, Joshua Hall and Jack Richards

Description: In this episode of Bit-Bytes: The Exodus Story we meet up with Moses and hear about why he ran away from his luxurious life with the royal family in Egypt. Then we get to eavesdrop on his encounter with the burning bush. After this strange experience, God calls Moses to go rescue His people who are slaves in Egypt. Moses isn’t too sure about this….

We hope you join us throughout the next 5 weeks and share as our students explore Exodus and what kind of power and purpose stories hold.

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