Teach Me Tuesday – Virtual Learning – The Charleston Dance

Continuing on with our effort to provide resources to our current families and families outside of our school, we have our next post installment in our Tuesday in our Teach Me Tuesday series. As a reminder, this series is comprised of tips for at-home learning, elective mini-classes, and more. We hope that you join us each Tuesday!

Last week you learned about how parents can participate in Genius Hour, and how the University-Model® School allows parents to know their student deeply. HOPE Academy’s aim is to first glorify God in all that we do, and because of that students and families at our school are known. We consider it a gift to be able to pour into our school community and offer electives that will spur on the passion and excitement for learning.

For this week’s Teach Me Tuesday – Virtual Learning we would like to present to you our amazing theatre and Middle School History teacher Miss Peatross.

Miss Peatross is versed in several different dance types but today she will be focusing on teaching you The Charleston:

“The Charleston was a dance craze that was extremely popular in the 1920’s. It has gone through many forms, starting as early as 1903. The version we know went viral after it appeared in a film in 1923. This dance is one of my favorites because it can be done to nearly any type of music and although the basic Charleston is actually very easy, once you know it, there are a ton of variations you can do to make it more challenging.

So after you learn the steps with me in this video, go try it with the original Charleston music HERE or feel free to dance to a more modern song.” – Miss Peatross.

Thanks for learning The Charleson dance with us today! Leave a comment with what your favorite dance is whether it’s The Charleson or Hip Hop or Swing or something different. We are excited to hear your answers. As a reminder we will be re-posting some videos or comments from you, so comment here and share your videos on social media and tag HOPE Academy @hopeacademync and #findHOPE

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Be blessed!

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