What is a Virtue Based School

Not many schools would describe themselves as virtue-centered schools. There are thousands of Christian schools, but what does it mean to be a “Christian school” this day in age? Really the definition varies. Defining what makes a school a Christian school could be anything from having prayer in school, Bible class or Bible study, defining the faculty’s religious affiliation or could be as simple as just a part of their founding creed.

A school based on Christian virtues where individual character traits are valued and taught describes HOPE Academy. Each quarter we dive deeply into a Biblical virtue and explore its meaning, implication in our own lives, and why we are called to extend it to others as well.

Virtues are at the foundation of our school, they aren’t just a brief glimpse but truly at our heart’s core and woven throughout instruction both at home and at school.

We believe at Hope Academy that our purpose is higher than academics alone. We are not a school that only prides itself on test scores and college scholarships, but also on students whose character and whole being have been trained by the Word of God to be lights and salt in this world; adding virtues like patience, diligence, and joy to our daily dialogue at HOPE Academy is just one way our school is different. 

We invite you to imagine with us what changes could occur in a world where our children are influencers not just in the boardroom and classroom, but doing Kingdom work every day because Godly virtues are a part of their essence. 

Want to learn more about how HOPE Academy implements virtue into knowledge? Come visit for an Open House or contact us today.

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