Genius Hour at HOPE Academy

If you haven’t read our post on what Genius Hour is or how you can implement it into your day check out our Virtual Learning post HERE.

Having the time and space to be able to really listen to our children is a very special thing. With the University-Model® we are able to offer parents the primary influence in their students’ lives. Because of current circumstances parents across the globe are now in a position that will really allow us, if intentional, to hone in on our kids passions and desires.

High School student smiling and cutting fruit.

If you’re in the University-Model® or at HOPE Academy you’ve been able to have a picture of what this looks like for your family. If this is all new to your family, be encouraged, while this may be a struggle figuring out the new normal for your family with virtual learning we promise this can be an opportunity to get to know your child on an incredible new level.

As you learn more about what your student may be interested in Genius Hour is the perfect way to take advantage of this time with virtual learning. The level of technology and online resources that we have at the touch of a keyboard is incredible, especially now with so many resources offering free trials or classes.

So, what are the options for Genius Hour? Well, they’re almost endless really. Here is a look into what some of our students are doing with their Genius Hour, but really with enough research, almost anything is possible! What better way for our children to figure out if they like something than to use the time we have now?

  • Animation
  • Soap Making
  • Gardening
  • Studying WWII
  • Exercise Videos
  • Cooking
  • Digital Design
  • Equine Veterinarian Care Videos
  • Online Biblical Art Gallery
  • US Geography Study
  • Student Blog
  • Electric Car Study
  • Playing the Violin
  • Drawing
  • Studying Rabbits
  • Jewelry Making
  • Learning about Snakes

and more!!!!!

We would love to hear your ideas for Genius Hour or what your family has/will be doing during this time. Cease this opportunity to pour into your family, we can’t wait to hear about the ways God will bless you.

To learn more about The University-Model® and HOPE Academy please fill out our Inquiry Form and we will be in touch shortly.

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