The Finish Line – Graduation

Second semester is well under way here at Hope Academy. As we look to the end of the school year, we cannot help but be so excited and thankful for what we have accomplished.

After many years, and much prayer, planning, redirecting, patience, growing pains, and so much more, we are graduating our first class at Hope Academy!!!!

Our dream all along, from the conception of our school, was that one day we would grow to provide a K-12 school for our families- a complete University-Model® experience of quality academics, a Christian environment, and a place where children would grow in confidence of who they are, whose they are, and what their purpose is.

This path has not been an easy one- but nothing good is easy. We are thankful for the teams of teachers and supporters who have helped us along the way. We are grateful to the families who have trusted us to educate their children all the way through 12th grade. We couldn’t have done it without the vigilant prayers offered from those who believed in our school. And most of all, we are humbly grateful to God for His mercy, providence and timing.

Our prayer is that Hope Academy will continue to graduate classes for many years to come and serve as a beacon of light and salt in the Cabarrus County and greater Charlotte areas.

In the next few months please follow us as we help students close out this chapter of their lives and launch to their next God-given destination.

These are exciting times at Hope Academy as we approach our first graduation finish line!

Photo by Kristin Cole Photography

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