Teach Me Tuesday – Homeschool Tips

Whether you’re at a University Model School like HOPE Academy and homeschooling part-time, homeschooling full-time, or supplementing your child’s work for full-day 5 day schooling, tips for teaching always come in handy.

This week’s Teach Me Tuesday is our very first post of this series. In “Teach Me Tuesday” posts we’ll be sharing advice directly from parents about learning, resources they find helpful, and more great tips on teaching children.


Teach Me Tuesday Homeschool Tips


This week, we asked parents, “What are your best teaching tips?” Here’s the great feedback we received:


Molly B. HOPE mom lists some of her favorite tips:

Prepare the day before by reading assignments and gathering materials. Start homestudy morning with worship songs, like the ones the kids know from school. Talk about the virtue and scripture! Make this an important part of your day! Don’t rush through this! These moments are so precious with our kids!


Kelly D. Former teacher and mom to a preschooler and newborn encourages celebrating successes:

I used to be a teacher and the number one thing that worked for me for students who were struggling was to find ways for them to be successful. Sometimes they just need a self esteem boost so they feel like they can try and take chances. They need to feel like they are smart. So find things they can succeed at and really praise them for those things and they’ll be more eager to please and more likely to take chances with other things.


Noelle S. HOPE mom advises parents to be proactive:

Have drinks and snacks prepared ahead of time, like at school. Take lots of brain breaks if necessary.


Meghan H. Homeschool Mom to elementary age girls has two tips:

Patience and pinterest!


Erica B. Former teacher and mom to a 4th grader advises on getting to know your child(ren):

It’s important to discover what type of learner each child is. Children learn in all sorts of different ways. There are small ways you can differentiate a lesson that will help each child be successful. Encouragement is key and have fun! Teach your kids to be thinkers & ask questions. When they’re engaged they are learning!

How about you?

Comment below telling us what your favorite homeschool tips are.

Have you found any tips that don’t work for you and your family?

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