Book Sale Benefit Success

Book Sale Benefit Success


HOPE Academy has been known to have some pretty great guest speakers and last month’s second grade visitor was no different. As the students studied senses this unit they focused on story of Helen Keller and how people can overcome challenges. Their class was honored to host Patrick Vellia, a local Deaf-Blind athlete undertaking the Ironman journey. During his visit our school recognized his need for raising funds for his race and second grade took initiative to set up a school-wide book sale.




Students and parents set aside books for donation for the sale and the day of the book sale was a great success. Not only did families find some new reading material, but HOPE Academy families raised $460 from book sales. It doesn’t end there though, one family matched the money raised from the book sales and yet another family contributed $500. The final total from the book sale was $1,420 and will go towards the purchase a new tandem bicycle for Patrick’s triathlon training.


Book Sale


If you are interested in donating to his cause visit his donation page here.

Check out Patrick’s website here:


What better way to show God’s Goodness (our Unit 4 virtue) than to serve others?!?


Comment below: How will you and your family serve others and show God’s Goodness this Summer??

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