What We Learned Wednesday – Artistic Expressions

What We Learned Wednesday – Artistic Expressions

Today’s blog post comes from the heart of HOPE Academy’s Art teacher Jodi Richardson. Mrs. Richardson is a first-year teacher at HOPE Academy. She is happily married with two young daughters and attends church at Mosaic with her family. Mrs. Richardson loves working with children and watching them grow in skill and in faith.


Richardson Family Pic


I am a huge fan of little kid art. There is nothing better than seeing a wall full of the creations that little hearts and hands have created.

Yet, for me as an art teacher, I get to see the part that you miss when only seeing the final masterpieces. I get to see the process of creating, and believe me, it is a beautiful thing.


WWLW Artistic Expressions


I watch as they transform a white piece of paper into a jungle, a tiger, skateboard! A slab of clay becomes a cupcake, a turtle, or a tea pot! I get to see them make something out of nothing, to see their personalities unfold on the paper in front of me, to see the joy they have when mixing paint colors to create new ones, to see their relief when we make a plan to fix what seems like a huge mistake! We have experimented with every medium and material that we could find, while learning how the elements and principles of art can be used to make a masterpiece.


HOPE Academy Art Class


In art class, we have been influenced by master artists and art from around the world.

It truly has been a joy to teach at Hope this year.


My goal was to inspire your children to LOVE the process of creating.


Even if the final result isn’t perfect, the process in creating with kids always is.

I wanted to give you a peek at your children creating their masterpieces so that you could see a little of what I get to see every Thursday! Click here to view my photo album.

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