HOPE For Tomorrow Podcast Introduction

Thank you for tuning in! Our 7th grade class was tasked with the following essential question: How can we use our voices to affect social and environmental change?

Text says HOPE for Tomorrow Podcast. Hoe can we use our voices to affect social or environmental change?  Microphone in the background.

Their project launch began with a visit to Entercom Charlotte, where HOPE Academy students and staff were given a tour of the facilities, not knowing what their project would be. After listening to a live sports radio show, checking out the news room, and learning from the staff, their project was announced and they were told that they would be creating their very own podcast.


In groups of two or three, students will dive into answering the essential question in English Language Arts (ELA), History, Life Sciences, and Project-Based Learning (PBL) class. Assuming the role of digital media specialists, they will engage in research on social or environmental issues to prepare a call to action. By writing scripts and producing podcast episodes that use persuasive techniques, students will inevitably enact change. The ELA class will be trained in basic speech preparation and effective speech delivery through IEW’s Speech Bootcamp, while History and Life Sciences will focus on past and current social/environmental matters. Furthermore, PBL will offer class time for collaboration as well as learn how to contact and obtain donations for their cause.

Once back at school students were able to listen to a specially pre-recorded podcast that their teachers had made for them.


Guest speaker and local podcaster Michael Yarborough came in to give our students guidance as they prepared to begin working on their podcasts.

Students were given a few weeks to work on and complete their podcast on the desired topic of their choice under the parameters listed in their project description.

Students displayed their work and even hosted a live podcast during our Unit 2 Culminating event.

Click to listen to what parents, grandparents, students and staff have to say about what makes HOPE Academy special.

Check back on the HOPE Academy blog next Thursday for the first of our 7th grade student podcast featuring:

“Birds of a Feather” with your hosts Avery and Sophie. Read below for more information.

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