Culminating Event – Unit 1

If you’ve never experienced a HOPE Academy culminating event, it’s an amazing time for the HOPE community to see how hard both teachers and students have worked throughout each unit.

Every culminating event is very special and this unit’s culminating event was no different.

During this event, elementary classes proudly displayed and presented projects they had been working on all unit. The museum tour-like style made it possible for students to show off their work, explaining what they had learned in a low-pressure setting.


Culminating Event


From animal families, to U.S. States, mummies, artwork, and more, each area in the Learning Center was filled with evidence of the time and care poured out into these awesome students. It’s clear that each student worked very hard this unit based on their achievements (and huge smiles) displayed at the culminating event.


Culminating Event Unit 1 Collage


During the culminating event High School Bible teacher Matt Harris was able to display and speak about some of the things his students are learning this year.

“In addition to readings and discussions, the high school Bible class this year is striving to engage with Scripture on a deeper level than our intellect. To that end, students created works of art inspired by a verse or passage studied in the unit. These creative works engage both the audience and the artist on a heart level.”


A big thanks to the high schoolers for representing HOPE Academy as they handed out programs, guided parents to each room and helped the event flow smoothly. Each student was kind and helpful, truly showing the light of God in their service to the school.


During the second portion of this unit’s culminating event the Fireside room was filled with “snapping rather than clapping”. A packed house had the privilege of experiencing  amazing renditions of poetry favorites and well thought out original poems by the middle school. It was clear these students put their hearts (and in some cases their entire bodies) into these performances. Simply awesome!


Poetry Slam


Congrats HOPE Academy staff and students for a great first unit this year!



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