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Comfort Zone

Today we are excited to share with you the first blog post in our newest series, “A Day in the Life….of a High Schooler”. High School freshman Elise Haviland shares with us her experiences as a High Schooler and student at HOPE Academy.


A Day in the Life



It’s quite difficult to step outside your comfort zone, is it not?
Comfort Zone


The first time I willingly stepped outside my comfort zone was when I decided to leave my classmates of 8 years and come to Hope Academy. Claiming I was an introvert, I never needed to make new friends before. Hope was a whole new experience and I was filled with nervous energy when I found out I would be attending the 2015-2016 school year.


I felt at home instantly. The students of Hope Academy greeted me with jubilant expressions. I shortly found out how godly and supportive they were as well. Teachers were so kind in making sure I understood the material. I was getting along quite well.


Today, I walk through the doors and attend an engaging, informative Bible class. My math and science teacher always makes sure that I understand information in both subjects. My element, English, is like a breath of fresh air every time I walk into the classroom. I feel comfortable at Hope Academy. It is a place where I can be myself and experience the love of God filling the building.
I challenge you this month to step outside of your comfort zone and experience what God has in store for you. Whether it’s sharing the Gospel with a neighbor or coworker, or taking a mission trip to a third world country, God can use someone to impact your life and He can also use you to have a lasting impression on someone else’s.


Share your story, how have you stepped outside your comfort zone? What was the result of doing that??


FullSizeRenderAuthor Bio: Elise Haviland is a ninth grade student currently attending Hope Academy. She is nothing less than confident that God has placed a passion in her heart for writing. She also love to dance and create art. Living out on a farm, she has several opportunities to photograph nature, which is something that’s near to her heart as well. Read more of Elise’s blog posts by checking out our High School blog category.

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