Fun Things for Families To Do During Virtual Spring Break

Students at HOPE Academy have been learning at home with their parents with curriculum and guidance from teachers. This Digital Learning experience while familiar in many ways still has many differences from how our school normally operates.

With travel bans, social distancing, sometimes more people at home it can be stressful at times, but we know that God is in control and He cares for us. With all that said, and because we are Family-Focused, we feel it’s important to keep our original Spring Break on the calendar and allow families a break from school work and time to just be.

Here are some fun ideas that your family can use, whether or not you have an official “Spring Break” this year:

Spring Break ideas for any family:

Tour a famous museum –

Go to the opera –

and some great, general ideas from our community:

Virtual Spring Break Vacations

From one of our very organized moms Kristie D. here is a compilation of helpful links:

Day 1 – Disney

Snack – Mickey Ice Cream Sammies

Day 2 – Hawaii

Volcanos National Park

Craft – Volcano

Day 3 – Lego History

How It All Started


Activity – Lego Build Challenge

Day 4 – Space Center Houston/NASA/Space Station

International Space Station

Space Center Houston

Activity – Flight Simulator; Moon Sand; Rocket Building Using TP Rolls/Paper Towel Rolls

Day 5 – Where Do Eggs Come From?

Egg Farm Tours

Activity – Research how to care for chickens/building chicken coop

Food – Make an egg dish

Day 6 – National Museum of Natural History – DC

Activity – Draw/Paint a picture of your favorite animal

More Ideas:

Spring Break ideas for Charlotte families:

Take a tour of the Billy Graham Library – to find fun lesson plans, downloads, recipes, and more.

Jonathan Stacey, of the weathermen on WBTV, has been doing science experiments that you can perform at home. Some of these are quite fun/messy. You can check out these videos HER and he will tell you ingredients/instructions if you want to recreate at home.

Visit the National Whitewater Center.

And the list could go on and on…

While we know we only listed a few ideas we would love to give others the opportunity to weigh in. We want to hear from you, leave a comment with something fun to do during Covid-19 Spring Break.

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