2015 Father-Daughter Dance

Just one week ago HOPE Academy dads, daughters, and guests celebrated the second annual Father-Daughter Dance. Though that night was only a few hours of fun, those moments have become great memories for years to come.

The HOPE Academy Facebook parent page was flooded with adorably dressed daughters and their sharp-looking dads. The images captured fathers and their daughters as they lovingly putting on corsages, endured photo shoots, and enjoyed fancy dinners.



Father Daughter Dance Collage


This year’s venue was beautifully decorated and attendees enjoyed several snacks lovingly prepared with special dietary needs in mind.


HOPE Dance Decor Food


According to the dads and daughters this event was a blast! This year’s DJ played some great music, took requests from the crowd, and in the end, line dances ended up being the biggest hit with both the girls and their guests.


Father Daughter Dance HOPE


Throughout the night girls loved posing for pictures and dancing with their classmates. Some incredibly sweet moments were had between father and daughter(s) too.


HOPE Father Daughter Dance


A big thank you to the Father-Daughter Dance committee and volunteers who threw yet another amazing HOPE Academy event. Thank you for these sweet memories!!!

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