Teach Me Tuesday – Student Feature – Piano

Teach Me Tuesday Student Feature, Piano with piano keys

Today’s blog post in our Teach Me Tuesday Distance Learning series one of our high school students Nolan Bain. Research shows that students who learn by teaching are able to retain that knowledge longer.

At HOPE Academy our students have opportunities to reteach the subjects they are learning, whether it is an elementary student reviewing a math problem for their classmates, or a high school student explaining chemistry through experiments to a group of middle school students.

We love when our students not only provide learning opportunities but also invest this time in each other. Kindergarteners make signs for our seniors cheering them on, and at recess you can see older students playing games with younger students. This speaks to the community at HOPE and is a regular occurrence.

Today we feature Nolan who will be teaching you a song on the piano or keyboard.

 I am Nolan Bain and I’m in the 10th grade at Hope Academy. I have been playing piano for 8 1/2 years and really am inspired by jazz. I started learning jazz about a year ago and really try to include jazz theory into every song possible. I also play classical music and really enjoy composers like Chopin.  In jazz I like to listen to Chick Corea for inspiration. Today I am teaching you Lauren Daigle’s song “You Say”. I picked this song because it is a good reminder about who you are and it is really simple but beautiful on piano. 

We want to hear from you, comment below what your favorite song to listen to or play on any instrument!

Thank you Nolan and thank you for joining us for another Teach Me Tuesday post. We hope you are encouraged as you are learning at home. If you are not a current HOPE Academy family and are interested in learning more, we hope that you will submit an inquiry form so we can connect and share more of the ways that HOPE Academy is here for you, and partnering with students and families.

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