Teach Me Tuesday – Student Feature – First Aid

Welcome to another installment of our Teach Me Tuesday blog series. We are excited to use this series as a way to help the community at large. As you may have noticed we are teaching a variety of skills including, but not limited to; dance, cooking, organization, and the list goes on.

Today, we are featuring one of our 7th Grade students, Shreya. During her Genius Hour she chose to focus on First Aid. Check out her story and feel free to download the helpful infographics below.

As part of our school assignment, we were given a unique opportunity to learn a new skill. I wanted to learn more about health and hygiene because of the current situation caused by COVID-19. Each one of us has the ability to prevent the spread of the infection. We can do our part by washing our hands and social distancing. We can also educate ourselves on first aid skills. Doing so will help us respond to situations efficiently and prevent them from getting worse. First aid knowledge encourages us to be safe and alert. These infographs were created to share this information with everyone.

Do you have any additional tips? Feel free to comment below, and let us know what you learned from this post. Also: Download your infographic PDF HERE. It’s a great chance to post in your home or workplace as a reminder.

Thank you Shreya for helping keep us prepared in case of an emergency.

Thank you readers for joining us for another Teach Me Tuesday post. We hope you are encouraged as you are learning at home. If you are not a current HOPE Academy family and are interested in learning more, we hope that you will submit an inquiry form so we can connect and share more of the ways that HOPE Academy is here for you, and partnering with students and families.








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