Teach Me Tuesday – Distance Learning – Personal Best Day

Teach Me Tuesday - Distance Learning - Personal Best Day picture of a little girl lifting weights drawn in chalk.

Thank you for joining us today for another post in our Teach Me Tuesday series. We pray that this series serves as a respite for you and your family to supplement learning at home or just get a well deserved break from teaching.

Let’s face it, teaching children at home can be challenging and take a while to get used to. Sometimes it can be a blessing to be able to pour into them when we feel supported and uplifted.

HOPE Academy families have been able to have a successful transition to distance learning at home in large part due to the hard work of our faculty and staff and our hybrid school model. Having 3 days at school and 2 days at home learning was a great way to ease into teaching those lessons at home.

While we miss having face-to-face enrichment like Culinary Arts, Digital Portfolio, Art and Physical Education (to name a few) we are blessed by teachers who give great guidance and pivot to distance learning from home.

Today’s post our incredible PE teacher Mrs. Ford is sharing some physical fitness tips and a fun instruction video with us. We hope you enjoy it whether or not you are a current HOPE family.

“For five years, I have had the privilege of teaching Physical Education at Hope Academy. One activity that my students have grown to love and hate is “Personal Best Day.” SPARK designed Personal Best Day to help students track their fitness progress throughout the school year.

Every 5 to 6 weeks, my Hope students completed three exercises: 1-Arm Planks, Push-ups, and a 4 to 9-minute run. These three exercises assessed their muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. This assessment tool helped track each student’s improvement and encouraged fitness goal setting.

Due to our school year coming to an early end, for safety reasons, my students were not able to complete their last two Personal Best Days. I have decided to provide an opportunity for them, their families, Hope’s staff and the global community to complete their very own Personal Best Day virtually.

Together, we will increase our muscular strength, muscular endurance and aerobic capacity. We will set our very own fitness goals and compete against ourselves. It is our Personal Best Day, so let’s do our very best. Remember, “You are AWESOME, WOO HOO!!!””

Click HERE to download and print the Personal Best Time card to fill out as you complete your tasks.

Be sure to check out Mrs. Ford on her Facebook page: Better Bodies 4 Us for more homeschool PE and fitness tips.

We want to hear from you: How are you keeping physically fit during this time at home? We would love some creative ideas, share your tips below!

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