Special Worship Guest – Ice Cream Musical

On Tuesday we were honored to be visited during our Elementary Praise and Worship time by a VERY special guest thanks to an invite from one of our 1st grade students and their family.

Daniela Morales is a singer and performer hailing from Guatemala City. She brings her culture and faith to the world through her music. She trained as a singer in Paris and as an actor in Los Angeles, and is best known as the host, writer, and producer of the kids musical show “Ice Cream Musical.

Daniela came to share songs from her fun podcast Ice Cream Musical. Her podcast features songs about making new friends, offering forgiveness, and more. During her visit, students were able to sing along, pray together, and dance, dance, dance! Everyone had a blast.

Singer in the middle of the stage, Ice Cream Musical on projector screen, children sitting down listening
Singer on stage singing to Elementary Students

Check out Daniela’s website, head to icecreamusical.com for your own personal concert at home!

Thank you Daniela and Daniel for visiting HOPE Academy!

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