CharlotteFive Visits HOPE Academy High School

CharlotteFive Visits HOPE Academy High School




As HOPE high schoolers wrap up unit 1 this year, the media class has been exploring several media outlets. A few weeks ago editors from CharlotteFive came to visit HOPE Academy. {CharlotteFive is the Charlotte Observer’s’ separately operated website that was established to speak to millennials.} The editors had a chance to speak to the High School Media class and answer some questions students had regarding online news.

Students were then asked to create their own online news articles. Today, we are highlighting two great pieces of work from our 10th graders Gabe Oliphant and Noah Floge.


Ever wonder what to do in Charlotte? Well, wonder no more!

By Gabe Oliphant

I had the privilege to listen to Corey Inscoe and Katie Toussiant speak in my media class on Tuesday, September 6, 2016. They are both editors at CharlotteFive, a local area website that averages about 1,800 – 2,000 daily views per page. The site has five articles on its home page each day that cover sports news, things to do, traditional news about Charlotte and even ways you can get better connected within Charlotte.

CharlotteFive also has a Twitter account @Charlotte_Five. The bio of that page says “Get Charlotte Smart, Fast. Tweets by @CoreyInscoe & @KatieToussiant.” Typical tweets from the site let you know what’s going on in Charlotte along with a link to the article on the main website.

If you have any questions about an article or have a suggested story idea, or anything involving the site, you can simply contact them.


Report Shows Growth in Social Media News Use

By Noah Floge

In 2016, six out of ten people in the U.S. are using social media as a source of news. Social media is now one of the biggest sources of news in America.

In a study of 4,654 people, Pew Research Center found that the biggest social media network for news is Facebook. Two-thirds of Facebook users get news on the site. The next largest social media tools used for getting news are Twitter and Reddit. Of Twitter users, six out of ten subscribers use it as a news source and seven in ten use Reddit as their source. Of Tumbler users, only three out of ten use it as a source for news. Forty percent of YouTube users get news from it.

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