2021 Spirit Week Pictures

The final month of school for the 2020-2021 school year has come for HOPE Academy. We invited students, staff and faculty to join us for a fun week of dressing up fueled by fun (and prizes)!

Winners were chosen on originality, difficulty of costume, and thoughtfulness. Originally we had expected to award one student and one teacher/staff winner, however you came to win, and there were so many great costumes!

It was incredibly difficult to select one person per category each day, so we decided to open up our winner pool. Winners were chosen in the following cateogries: Elementary Student, Middle School Student, High School Student, Elementary Teacher/Staff & Upper School Teacher/Staff. Each winner will be contacted and allowed to choose their prize from an incredible selection.

This Spirit Week’s theme was #hashtags and with our unique University-Model® and being in school three days a week we chose three different Spirit Days that went along with our main theme.

Monday – #motivationalmonday

Participants were given the prompt to choose someone who inspires them. We saw a lot of great costumes including athletes, teachers, movie and book characters and more!

Here are the winners:

Elementary School – Ty Class of 2030 – Dressed as Hagrid

Middle School – Felicia Class of 2027 – Dressed as Ochaco Uraraka

High School – Rebecca Class of 2024 – Dressed as Taiga Aisaka

Lower School Teacher – Mrs. Richardson – Dressed as Bob Goff

Upper School Teacher – Mrs. Pacetti – Dressed as a HOPE Academy Student

Tuesday – #twinningtuesday

Participants were given the prompt to choose one to two people at HOPE Academy to dress alike with. This was the day we had the highest participation and loved seeing double!

Here are the winners:

Elementary School – Ellie & Ellie Class of 2033 – Dressed as Cowgirls

Middle School – Will & Jake Class of 2025 – Dressed to Impress

High School – Henry ’23, Beau ’24, & Caedmon ’23 – Dressed as Injured Athletes

Lower School Teachers – Mrs. Johnston & Mrs. Henry – Dressed as Disney Tourists

Upper School Teachers – TIE!!! Mrs. Baker & Mrs. Shenk – Dressed as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum AND Mrs. Allmond and Mrs. Pacetti – Dressed as Teach 1 and Teach 2

Thursday – #throwbackthursday

Participants were given the prompt to choose their your favorite decade from the 2000 and earlier and dress up.⁠ It was great to see some from the BC era, and tons of 80’s and 90’s costumes too among many others.

Here are the winners:

Elementary School – Drew Coan Class of 2030 – Dressed as 1960s

Middle School – Elena Harris Class of 2027 – Dressed as 1980s

High School – Kara Evans Class of 2023 – Dressed as 1960s

Elementary Staff – Mrs. Henry – Dressed as 1980s

Upper School Teacher – Miss Peatross – Dressed as 1950s

Thank you to everyone who participated! There were so many great costumes. We hope you had fun and this brought a little extra school spirit to the last few weeks of school.

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