Uniforms & Spiritwear


The purpose of our dress code is to set a common standard of modesty, neatness and appropriateness, as well as encourage a level of excellence for all students.

Click the link to review the HOPE ACADEMY DRESS CODE POLICY


All items worn on the top half of the body (including polo shirts, dresses, fleece, sweaters, etc.) must have a HOPE logo. These items should be ordered through HOPE’s dedicated Land’s End site. Bottoms and other items may be purchased from any vendor, but should be in compliance with approved dress code guidelines.

Land’s End Dedicated Site

Uniforms should be replaced when they are too short, small, dingy, excessively faded or when holes or large stains are visible.


Spiritwear should be ordered through HOPE Academy. As per uniform guidelines students should purchase at least one current spiritwear t-shirt for the school year.

Spiritwear may be worn on assigned Spirit days or as instructed otherwise. Spiritwear should be worn with items that follow uniform guidelines with respect to length/fit and cleanliness/neatness. Hats and hoodies may be worn outdoors only by students and staff.

Items may be purchased seasonally through our HOPE Academy Spirit Store. Current orders may be placed now through March 5, 2020 and will be sent to HOPE Academy following order end date for distribution.

Click the link to visit the HOPE ACADEMY SPIRIT STORE