HOPE exceeds the North Carolina private school standardized testing requirement by testing every student at the end of every school year. We believe that yearly achievement tests, when used properly, are an excellent tool for both parents and educators. HOPE is not a test-driven school, but instead utilizes the data to chart student growth and differentiate our instruction. We do not draw unnecessary attention to testing; therefore our students generally experience very little testing anxiety.
Our standardized test is called MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) by the Northwest Evaluation Association. This adaptive assessment is designed to measure a student’s growth from year to year and gives us a snapshot of his/her understanding level. Contrary to the EOG state tests which only measure grade-level mastery, the MAP assessment will pinpoint a student’s exact grade level of understanding. For example, we will know if a 4th grade student has a reading comprehension level of a 7th grader or has a number sense of a 2nd Grader.

For more information, please visit: https://www.nwea.org/assessments/map/

In addition to MAP, HOPE uses both informal and formal assessments throughout the school year to measure our students’ understanding of content.

Below is the recommended testing schedule for high school students: