While there are many statistics about the number of Christian youth that fall away from the church during their college years, there are equal amounts that show a strong foundation will help keep their eyes focused on their calling. Students are more likely to stay committed to the Christian faith when they are raised in a home where both parents are committed to Christ, have a broader sphere of Christian influence from peers and adults outside of their immediate family, and are involved in discipleship opportunities.
Recognizing that you are your child’s most prominent spiritual influence, HOPE seeks to partner with you to reinforce the biblical teachings at home. This is accomplished through unit studies of biblical virtue, praise and worship time, serving opportunities, and classes that help reinforce a Christian worldview. This partnership looks different depending on a student’s age and maturity level.

Virtue Study: K-8th Grades

Students in kindergarten through eighth grades engage in the study of four biblical virtues through four units of academic study per year. The framework for our biblically integrated curriculum is based on 2 Peter 1:5-8, which says we should add to our faith, virtue, and to our virtue we should add knowledge.

These biblical virtues serve as a lens through which we explore the past and the present. For example, as 2nd graders learn about revolutionaries such as Thomas Edison during their study of the Industrial Revolution, they will identify how the virtue of perseverance gave him the ability to view failures as teachable moments in his pursuit to create the a revolutionary light bulb. At the same time, our 7th graders are learning about perseverance through their study of the Chinese immigrants during the westward expansion.

Praise and Worship/ Small Group Time: K-8th Grades

In the morning, students in K-8th grades worship together as a whole school singing praise songs, engaging in small group or grade level discussions, or they are led in biblical teaching related to that virtue.  Each week, students learn a new Bible verse, both at school and at home, that emphasizes the virtue we are learning.  Weekly, our Middle School students practice lessons, skits, and music to lead the Elementary praise and worship once per month.

Biblical Instruction: 9th-12th Grades

High School students at HOPE Academy  enroll in four year long Bible courses that help them deepen their faith and relationship with the Lord, develop a Biblical worldview, and an  ability to identify contrasting worldviews in which cultural and social constructs are designed. Students deepen their understanding of the Christian faith, the attributes of God, and explore their own identity in Christ. These courses help students delve into rich theological studies from a spiritual, historical and scientific perspective so that a student’s faith becomes personal. Examples of these classes may include Bible Survey, Understanding the Faith, Understanding the Times, Biblical Worldview, Christian Disciplines, Apologetics, or Ethics and Media.

Virtue in Action: Grades K-12 Serving our Community

Throughout the school year, HOPE students and families engage in memorable, hands-on experiences to impress biblical virtue on our hearts. For example, students across the school have made sandwiches for the homeless, served at a local soup kitchen, participated in a Bike-a-thon to raise money for cancer research, brought treat bags and thank you notes to community service workers and the military, and have spent time with residents at local nursing homes. The school hits pause on normal activities to serve the broader community together as one body two times a year. HOPE colors dot our city as students and families serve churches, schools, ministries, families and individuals. HOPE is partnering with parents to raise up a generation that is others-focused., that understands to be last is to be first, and to lead is to serve.