HOPE Academy offers a High School a la carte supplemental course program for homeschool students.  HOPE’s High School courses meet either two or three days per week, making it the perfect complement to your homeschool program.  Our courses are taught by professional Christian educators who will also be responsible for assigning and grading weekly home assignments.  Students will receive number grades according to the High School grading scale and parents will have online access to their student’s grades.

We invite qualified homeschool students seeking High School credit to enroll in up to 2 courses per year at HOPE.  HOPE seeks to partner with families who share in our mission and values, agree with our Statement of Faith, and who recognize the importance of academic excellence and accountability.  HOPE’s courses are college-preparatory in nature; therefore, our program is most appropriate for students who are college-bound, working independently, and are performing at or above grade level.

A la carte students but must adhere to the HOPE Academy dress code while on campus.

Part-time (a la carte) students should apply via the regular HOPE Academy admissions process and will be asked take a math placement test prior to selecting courses.  Students must meet all prerequisites for the desired course and must be at or above grade level in order to enroll in a course.

The schedule and course descriptions are published annually in March.  Below is a list of previously offered courses at HOPE Academy.  Annual offerings are subject to change based on the needs of our full-time students.

Tuition and fee schedule



Course name Prerequisite Number of Credits Course Length Days per Week
Algebra 1 1 Credit Year 3 days
Algebra 2 Algebra 1 1 Credit Year 3 days
Geometry Algebra 1 1 Credit Year 3 days
Chemistry Biology & Algebra 2
(or concurrent enrollment)
1 Credit Year 2-3 days
Physical Science or Earth Science (TBD) 1 Credit Year 2 days
Introduction to Literature and Composition (9th) 1 Credit Year 2 days
World Literature and Composition (10th/11th) 1 Credit Year 2 days
World History 1 Credit Year 2 days
Old and New Testament Survey 1 Credit Year 2 days
Christian Disciplines 1 Credit Year 2 days
Spanish 1 1 Credit Year 2 days
Spanish 2 Spanish 1 1 Credit Year 2 days