We make choices every day based off of our priorities. We eat certain foods because of our health beliefs, aversions and convenience needs. We choose our cars, clothes, cell carriers, and coffee spots because of our personal preferences of taste, cost and trust. The same is true for school choices. Charter, public, private, homeschool, virtual, University Model- there are so many choices in every city in America! 
If you have been considering all of the schooling options in the Charlotte area, here is a short list of what Hope Academy has to offer. 
  1. Our school model is a private school, but because we are only on campus three days a week, we are more affordable than any other private school in Cabarrus County. 
  2. We believe that parents are and should stay the primary influence on their children: not just until age 5, but until adulthood. To accomplish that, our model makes family time the biggest priority for our families. Children spend more time at home, learning and being nurtured by their parents, than in a classroom. 
  3. We are founded on the Christian faith. We believe that teaching our students about their Creator and Jesus and their spiritual purpose is our responsibility and privilege. 
  4. Hope Academy fosters service in our students. Its so easy for children to be focused on self- but in order to lead and achieve their fullest potential, they must be taught to look outside themselves to the needs of their community. 
  5. We are virtue-centered. Using virtues that are clearly stated in the Bible, we aim to train and cultivate character growth in our students. While academic achievement is the pride of every school, we also believe that having a strong moral compass, and being guided by virtues of faith, will set our students apart and prepare them for success in all aspects of life. 
There is so much more to our story. Our beginning. Our Focus. Our Brilliant Staff. Our path that God always illuminates. But if the list above touches your heart. Or is the answer to your prayers for your child, or just has you curious for more information, then please call us today to find out more about becoming part of our Hope family.