Updated 5/10/17

HOPE Academy offers a supportive and rigorous professional working environment, competitive salaries, and tuition discounts for most teaching positions.  ALL POSITIONS AT HOPE ARE PART-TIME.  We are unable to offer healthcare benefits at this time.

Elementary and Middle School will operate on a 3 day class/ 1 day at-home planning schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday class (Wednesday planning).  High School courses will be taught either 2 or 3 days per week with outside, at-home planning required. Attendance at periodic staff workdays is required and may fall outside of regularly scheduled course days.

All faculty and staff must be able to articulate an active, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Agreement with the HOPE Academy Statement of Faith is an annual condition of employment.

Anticipated openings:
  • Elementary
    • 3rd Grade Teacher
    • Elective Teachers: currently accepting all areas of expertise/ interest.  This position is 1 day per week.
  • Middle School
    • Science Teacher (Project Based Inquiry Science)
  • High School
    • English Teacher
    • World History Teacher
  • Administrative
    • Upper School Administrator : This position requires being on campus 4 days per week (Mon-Thurs).  Applicants must have prior experience as both a teacher and an administrator.
  • Teacher’s assistants/ clerical positions: No openings at this time.
To apply:

Please send all of the following to employment@hopek12.com:

  • A cover letter with a statement about how you became a Christian
  • An updated resume
  • A completed application, downloaded and completed electronically: Employment application
Preferred qualifications for teaching positions:
  • An active, growing relationship with Jesus Christ and involvement in a local, Christian church.
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Education or relevant subject field
  • A passion for teaching
  • 3+ years of teaching experience. Preference will be given to candidates  who have Public School or non-traditional Private School experience.
  • A demonstrated history of excellence, initiative, and ability to meet deadlines.
  • A desire to partner with parents to educate children.

For other questions

For other questions concerning employment, please fill out the form below or use the following information to get in touch with us.

Phone: (704) 999-2436
Fax: (704) 706-9160
Email: employment@hopek12.com